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Be a Retailer
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Be a retailer or sub-delear now, you won't regret getting this business

A retailer could be an individual or a business entity that directly sells e-load to consumers. There is no requirement on how to become a retailer. One MUST have a cellular phone and a "retailer sim" which can be obtained from us at minimal cost (or for FREE depending on what you will avail). Transfer of e-load credits bought by the consumer from the retailer is transferred electronically (over-the-air) using the menu functions provided by the network (Smart, Globe or Sun). A retailer is guaranteed 11% to 13% profit of it's gross sales.


  1. Secure the  Retailer Sim Card from us (Available: Smart, Globe and Sun)
  2. Smart Prepaid subscribers/users, you may choose to retain their old Smart or Talk N Text number and convert his/her regular sim to a retailer sim
  3. Smart Retailer Sim is available at Php150.00 only, while Globe AutoloadMax Retailer Sim is available at Php200.00.  Sun Xpressload Sim is availble at Pho120.00 only.  All these sims are ready to use for calling and texting.
  4. Initial load for Smart, Globe and Sun is Php500.00 only.  (For Smart Retailers who wish to avail our Special Offer, the initial load required is Php1,000.00)
  5. Payment for Globe and Sun loads will have an outright discount of 13%. Example, you will only pay an amount of Php435.00 for your Php500.00 worth of Load Wallet.
  6. For interested parties in the provinces, you may deposit your payment through our bank account/s and we shall send your Sim card thrtough courier.  (Courier Fee shall be charged to the party who wish to be a Retailer).
  7. For your succeeding reload, please click here for the procedure.


Earn as much as Php 15,000.00/month just by accessing the Smart Money menu (transferring funds to your retailers) of your Smart Prepaid Phone


Should you decide to become a Smart Money Loading Station, here is a very conservative projection on how much you can earn:


Number of SMARTLoad purchases of 50 Retailers using their  SMARTMoney

Average cash value of each SMARTLoad purchase is Php500.00 a day 


Total cash each day : Php25,000.00

(50 retailers x Php500 average per day)


 Earning each day Php500.00

 (2% x P25,000)


Total earnings in a month Php15,000

 (Php500/day x 30 days)


PLUS!!! Earn Php150 free airtime upon reaching the sale of Php30,000.00 or Php300 free airtime upon reaching Php 60,000.00 sales (upon servicing P60,000/P30,000 monthly to all linked retailers)